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My name is Inna Zolin and I am a UX designer

located in the RTP area, NC.

UX Projects
in EdTech

UX in EdTech

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UX Projects
in Health IT

UX in Health IT

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I'm a UX Generalist skilled in all phases of the UX design process, from user research to beautiful realistic prototypes; an accessibility advocate and innovator (12 pending patents).

Behavioral science has always been a source of inspiration for me. My Master's degree in Psychology (diploma with honors) gave me a solid theoretical foundation in understanding people’s behavior as well as the deep reasoning behind it. This is particularly helpful in the user research phase of the design process and during user testing because UX is all about empathy and understanding people.

There is always a fair amount of research behind every successful digital product. Working on my Ph.D. thesis has taught me the importance of following a proper research process and always testing hypotheses. Being a UX designer with an academic background allows me to bring a solid work structure and logic to every project.

I am a UX Designer by day and a children's book designer and author by night.            
Currently I'm employed at Lenovo (EdTech). I work on solutions for educators to reduce their cognitive burden and help them focus on the most important thing: helping students reach their full potential.
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